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Prenatal massage by Leah! The massage was really so good, amazing. I have had many massages and Leah ranks at the top. I loved Leah’s calm demeanor….perfect way to begin and end a massage. If you are hoping for attention to detail and pinpoint body work all while relaxing at the same time then free bodied would be your place and Leah would be your massage therapist.

– Jenny J, April 2017

Kami did a really great job with my massage. I was having back pain issues that caused me to favor one side of my body. After the massage, I felt looser and more freed up. She had a clear knowledge of my issue and made me feel at ease. I would recommend her to anyone.

– Kristin L., Sept 2017

I’m impressed with the techniques the Freebodied massage therapists use. They really know how to target and eliminate pain. They create amazing results – even after just one visit.

– Katie F (has seen multiple therapists), May 2013

Based on reviews, I decided to try. Kami helped me with back and neck which have been debilitating the days prior. Following the appointment and today no pain at all! Thanks.

– Justin Farman, Sept 2014

Kami has an incredible gift and knows how to help her clients.

– Marilyn C, Aug 2017

Great massage as always. I have been a customer for over 4 years and have always been satisfied with Leah and her crew.

– Mike Z, May 2017

As a veteran recipient of massages and an active athlete, I am very picky. Leah used trigger point therapy to its fullest- I left very relaxed and feeling great. I would gladly refer her (and have) to my friends!

– Lisa M, August 2010

Kami was awesome! She really paid attention to my trouble areas and had me floating on air. Parking was simple and the environment was cozy.

– Kristin, Mar 2014

Nancy saw me on short notice, and did a great job finding and relieving each of the individual spasming muscles in my back. Her skill and focus derived from years of experience were evident right away, and I’ve very grateful. Thanks, Nancy!

– J.A., Dec 2013

I went to Leah with a tight back and shoulders and was getting a migraine. I am very picky about massage. I like a deep massage and no talking. Leah got all of my spots and my headache went away and I had more mobility in my neck. I was so relaxed I decided to go again and pretend I was on a vacation! Leah was amazing. She has a healing energy. I highly recommend her.

– Sharon S, photographer, July 2010

Leah is a fantastic healer. In just a very few sessions, she has isolated and removed key pains that I’d been suffering for quite some time. Her knowledge, empathy, and skills are truly amazing. Leah has also been a great coach to correct behaviors that may have been causing my pain. Highly appreciated and highly recommended.

– Rick F, Engineering Manager, Feb 2012

First time at Free Bodied and I thought Nancy did an exceptional job. I explained that I was a runner and she went right to the spots that needed the most work. I felt great the next day and was able to run freer and looser than earlier in the week. I look forward to my next appointment!

– Sean S, May 2013

I’ve been going to Leah for almost two years and she is super fabulous. One very attentive session with her relieves weeks of problems from sitting in front of a computer. I get giddy about going to see her because I know she’s going to improve my life immensely.

– Heather H, Feb 2010

I have recommended Zina to all my crossfit buddies. She is very knowledgeable with the musculature of the body and has great strength and stamina. I felt amazing and completely loose and relaxed for days afterwards. My glutes thank you!

– Mandi J, Crossfit Trainer, Apr 2013

As a practicing Mixed Martial Artist, full time student, and all around athlete, my body tends to get messed up pretty quickly. I spent over 2 years looking for a massage therapist that would fix my body up so it could work at its optimal efficiency. Finally the search is over. I first went to Leah before a big fight a couple months ago and I ended up winning via first round ko. I fully believe that if it wasn’t for Leah and the work she did on my shoulders I wouldn’t have had the flexibility to hit as hard as I did. I will definitely make a massage from Leah a part of my training camp from now on.

– Fredric Cheung, MMA Fighter, June 2010

Leah has a mature and profound touch that left me both deeply soothed and entirely recalibrated. She clearly “knows” her massage modalities– her hands are entirely confident in their depth, direction and inquisitive touch– and yet it is her strong intuition that engineers how the session unfolds. She has an impeccable ability to sense and relate to the physical-emotional body of the person on the table– without hesitation and with full presence. After my session with Leah I had made myself late for an important meeting by luxuriating over a lunch. To get there in time, I had to run almost two miles in the NYC pre-xmas throng with a heavy backpack on my shoulders. It felt effortless, like I had wings carrying me along. That’s what I call heavenly bodywork.

– Sara N, Dec 2010

Leah is Magic Fingers. Anyone remember those motel beds where you put in a quarter and the mattress gave you a magic massage? Only Leah is a person—warm, skillful, intelligent, humane and compassionate. A bit of magic in Manhattan. I should know—I’ve been getting massages here and around the world for the last 60 years.

– Betty Fussell, Writer, Nov 2010

Leah is professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I was experiencing shoulder problems after an athletic competition and had Leah do some work on me. After going over the issues and range of motion problems I was having, she went to work on my shoulder. What I particularly liked is how she spoke out loud about each muscle she was working and how it would help my shoulder. I definitely recommend Leah to others and will be visiting her again shortly!

– Joey S, Crossfit athlete, May 2010

I don’t get frequent massages but that will likely change after seeing Leah for a trigger point therapy massage. She’s definitely very knowledgeable about her craft and skilled too. I felt like a million bucks afterward. I can’t wait for my next visit.

– Antonios H, Muay Thai, July 2010

If you are in Salt Lake City and looking for a deep tissue massage, Leah is a great choice! She is knowledgeable, intuitive and welcoming; I especially appreciated her attention to my specific needs and advise following the treatment. Highly recommended.

– Matt H, July 2011

I have had many massages over the years with varying levels of quality. As an avid tennis player in my mid forties, aches and pains have crept up and finding someone who really understood the athletes body has been a difficult task. Thank god I found Leah! Because she was an athlete and dancer, she intuitively understands the rigors of sports on the body. She has an uncanny knack for finding the parts of your body that need extra work and knows just how to loosen those tight muscles. I have had my fair share of deep tissue massages that didn’t seem to help, yet with Leah, I have always come out of our session revived and re-energized. Her technique is wonderful, but it’s her professionalism and positive energy that set her above everyone else. She treats this as her profession and it shows. I have never had a massage therapist send emails with info she has learned in her studies or ideas that might help certain areas of the body. Leah does this and it’s so refreshing to have someone who is so engaged in the profession. Unfortunately for me, Leah has now moved to Salt Lake City and my loss will certainly be Utah’s gain.

– Jeff W, Insurance Agent, June 2011

I am 55 and working really hard to stay fit. Leah is keeping me going. She is addressing old injuries to increase my mobility. She intercepts new problems before they get out of hand. The result is that I’m holding my own with the kids @ CrossFit, and also continuing to enjoy running, biking, hiking, yoga and other sports that I enjoy. Her massage regimen is an important part of my fitness plan. Highly recommended.

– Vicki V, Consultant, Oct 2011