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Leah DelPorto, INHC, LMT

Leah is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, massage therapist, wife, mother, and healer. She has guided hundreds of clients to achieve their health goals- like increasing energy, relieving IBS and digestive issues, clearing up skin, and relieving pain.

She is passionate about helping women unlock their health potential by getting to the root cause of their symptoms. There is an epidemic of over-prescribing instead of implementing a diet and lifestyle plan that sees a woman (or man) as a whole person, not a sum of her parts or symptoms. With each client, Leah chips away at this epidemic by uncovering that much needed personalized plan and helping her client implement it.

Leah’s dive into nutrition and spiritual healing happened after years of healing from her own complicated digestive issues from candida to parasites to SIBO & Crohn’s (gut healing takes time, but is well worth it!). She is on a mission to bring clarity around individual health needs- one food may greatly help you while harming someone else.

Leah studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, receiving in-depth training in nutrition, dietary theories, & coaching skills. She leads workshops and offers health and nutrition coaching to individuals and groups seeking better digestion, health, energy, and a joyful life.

Leah only works with a limited number of clients at a time, so that each person gets the support and attention they deserve. The first step is to schedule a Free Strategy Call to see how Leah can help!

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Stay tuned for my upcoming Spring Workshop/Retreat in Bountiful

Here’s to your health!

Free Masterclass for Women:

5 Steps You’ll Want to Take Before Becoming Pregnant

So you can take control of your body before it controls you

I remember my pregnancy vividly.

I was gardening a ton, feeling amazing, doing crossfit twice a week, and preparing the house for our baby’s arrival.

You would not have guessed that just a few years before..

I struggled with debilitating digestive pains

I got sick often

I had horrible allergies

and I suffered with acne and eczema.

I even fainted on the subway because of my blood sugar imbalance.

Doctors said I was fine.

My blood tests were “normal” and I should just eat more protein.

Then I was thrown into the supplement world, grasping for something that would help relieve these symptoms.

There was no silver bullet, and eating more protein was not the answer.

I delved into nutrition and health courses like my life depended on it, and worked with many healing practitioners and doctors…

But it wasn’t until I combined everything I learned and took MY situation into account, that I started to heal from the inside out.

And I realized I had created a simplified strategy after putting all the pieces of the healing puzzle together for myself.

Since then, I’ve helped countless women achieve their health goals using this 5 step strategy.

If you are:

– feeling a slump in your energy and want to turn that around

– wasting time and money on the next fad diet or supplementation plan

– worried about infertility and want to get your hormones on track

– effected more and more by stress and feeling like you just don’t have any time left for yourself

Then this 5 Step Masterclass for Women will give you a clear plan of action to relieve everything I just mentioned, and to get your body primed for pregnancy.

And I’m offering it for free.

Here’s the link to watch –

So if you’re a woman ready to step into her power, ready to feel more passion in life, and ready to take control of your health, I’ll show you the missing piece in all the health gurus’ advice.

And I look forward to hearing your feedback…

Here’s the link again –

With heart,

Leah DelPorto, INHC