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1 Hour Massage $80-$90neck_f_3

You choose the focus of your massage. Each of our highly skilled therapists are trained in trigger point therapy, deep tissue, sports rehab, and swedish. Our massages are not just your regular fluff- we work with your soft tissue to release fascial restrictions, creating more ease of movement and decreasing pain and tension.

90 Min Massage $115-$127

If you have more than one area of concern, a 90 min massage is recommended. Your therapist will have the time to address trigger points that you probably didn’t even know you had. Or opt for partial focused work on your area of pain while also having some relaxation time.

Each massage includes a free 5-10 min consultation to talk strategy about your health and goals. If you’re visiting on business or vacation and do not have the time for this consultation, just let us know, so we can schedule accordingly. Thanks!


FREE 45 Minute Health Consultation

What simple changes can be made in your life to help boost your vitality, bring you more joy, increase energy, help you loose weight etc? Come experience how my health coaching style can lead to aha moments and bring you closer to what it is you desire for your health and vitality.


I work with each client on an individual basis because we are all bio-individuals needing nourishment. However, one person’s nourishment could be another’s poison. In this program we’ll uncover clear, simple steps to reaching your health goals. And you’ll have time to solidify these changes for lasting results. It’s my role to help you find out what food and lifestyle changes you can make and how to sustain them in order to reach your goals.. be that a slimmer waistline, no uncomfortable indigestion, better sleep, better relationships, or just more energy to do what you love! – Leah

Our Hours:

Mon-Fri 9:00a-8:00p
Sat & Sun 12:00p-6:00p

Book Massage from Free Bodied in Salt Lake City

Out Calls:

Out Calls are available in Salt Lake and Park City, however it’s necessary to schedule at least 2 days in advance. Please call us for pricing and questions – 801-906-3222

Sorry, we do not offer chair massages

Leah’s Signature 3 Month Program

Ideal for the client with chronic pain who wants to feel more energized, maybe shed some weight, and get out of pain for the long term.

Shed pain and know how to keep it from returning

Prevent costly medical bills for future medications, surgery, and ineffective quick fixes

Improve your gut and liver, which can cause weight gain, fatigue, depression, PMS, headaches, joint pain, and a lowered immune system

Relieve Pain & Increase Health

  • Release trigger points to shed tension and pain, allowing your body to relax into itself
  • Discover food sensitivities adversely affecting your health
  • Learn overall healthy nutrition to decrease inflammation and boost your immune system
  • Your body is a whole system, so we work on simple changes to increase wellness

Re-align Posture

  • Support ideal posture by introducing myofascial techniques to unwind held/tight areas
  • Become more mobile and efficient by lengthening short muscles & fascia
  • Learn about fascial anatomy to prevent future postural imbalances

Solidify Change

  • Solidify body connections to gain clarity of movement and prevent future injuries
  • Reassess imbalances & nutrition
  • Assess results – energy, health, and mobility without pain.

Call Leah at Free Bodied for more info: 801-906-3222