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Root-Release™ Therapy gets to the root cause of pain and imbalance. The area you experience pain is only a small part of the picture. In the case of low back pain, most often there is tightness somewhere in the legs or hips. If there’s shortness in your hamstrings, the muscles in your back gets achy or “tense” because they get lengthened and start compensating and working harder against gravity. That’s why, when you get a massage that only works on the area of pain, you don’t experience sustained relief. It might last a week or so, but unless you resolve the root imbalance, your pain will continue to return.

Another issue is not treating fascial restrictions and only focusing on muscles. (When a massage therapist uses a lot oil, they are not affecting fascia). If I’m not engaging in “melting” the held fascia and only massaging muscles, it’d be like releasing the inside layer of a wetsuit that’s too tight without releasing the outer layer (or vice versa). You’d still be wearing a wetsuit that’s too tight! Now, you might come in with very flexible fascia and just have pain from developed trigger points. An easy way to gauge that is, if you are in more pain at night, it’s probably more of a muscular issue… if you’re in more pain in the morning or need a long time to get your creaks out, you most likely need fascial work. And just about everyone needs a combo of the two!

shoulders_f_1Before a disease is diagnosed, your body gives you hints that something is not functioning properly. I work as a detective, utilizing my health coaching tools and knowledge of biomechanics, to get to the root cause. I aim to support all body systems in order to minimize systemic inflammation and allow your cells to function optimally. Systemic inflammation causes such issues like autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders/imbalances, fatigue, allergies, depression, arthritis, skin conditions, weight issues, and a host of other issues.

By controlling your environment (what you put in your mouth, on your skin, in the air in your house, etc), you can control which genes get expressed! This field of study is called epigenetics. By changing your environment, you can correct these imbalances and prevent disease by switching off negative genetic imprints of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Root-Release™ Therapy aims for long-term pain relief and I aim to help empower and support you on your journey for healing. It is ultimately you and your body that will find an answer, and I have the tools to bring clarity to what’s needed for true healing. I also understand my limits and know a handful of other amazing practitioners to refer to, depending on your situation.
Through massage and health coaching, I help you heal from pain and discomfort. There are often a few layers to uncover in your journey, but if you are open and willing to make simple, easy lifestyle changes, your body, mind, and spirit will thank you. You will thrive and know how to continue helping yourself for any future issues that may arise.
With heart,