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Cranberry Bread

I’ve gotta give credit to my amazing stepmom, the baker, for this recipe. This bread is just perfectly sweet and tart, and is always a crowd pleaser at Thanksgiving. I just happened to modify it into a gluten free bread.

1 C Sugar (I like unrefined sugar, aka sucanat)
1 beaten egg
1/3 C Orange juice
2 C Flour (I prefer a gluten free blend by Bob’s Red Mill, but feel free to use your own bread mix)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda (switch to aluminum free baking soda)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 C walnuts
2 tbs coconut oil or light oil
3/4 C less 2 tbs of boiling water

Grease pan with coconut oil or grass fed butter. Combine sugar, egg, oj in a bowl. Sift flour, powder, soda, salt & mix into egg mixture. Add the oil/water mixture (2 tbs coconut oil in a measuring cup then add boiling water up to the 3/4 C line). After mixing to combine, add the cranberries and walnuts, briefly mix it up again, and pour into your bread pan. You might need 2 bread pans 🙂
60 min at 325 degrees.

A great addition to Thanksgiving dinner!

Many people ask me, what else can I eat for breakfast that’s healthy besides eggs?.. Well, here’s my go to second breakie option that keeps my gut happy and me satiated until lunch rolls around.

Nutty FruitIngredients:
– fruit of choice (I like berries, apples, peaches, banana, or a combo. And I try to get what’s in season if I can).
– *raw almond butter
– optional cinnamon or fresh mint
– optional chopped walnuts, flax meal, chia seeds (chia seeds will especially keep you full and provide much needed omega 3s)

Put the chopped fruit with dollops of almond butter in a bowl. Depending on your mood, sprinkle with cinnamon for a little extra spice, or chopped mint if you need to cool off in the summer.
If you really need extra sweetness, pour a little honey on it, sugar!

For those who do well with dairy, a full fat yogurt can replace your almond butter… I like Red Hill Farm’s goat yogurt or Brown Cow’s “cream on top” yogurt. You want to get full fat (not low fat or fat free) because there will be less sugar and chemical additives in your yogurt, and thus better for your body. And getting a plain yogurt and adding honey (if you want it sweeter) is much better than getting the flavored yogurt with added sugar.


*Raw almond butter because roasted almond butter can produce some trans fat from heating the nuts (and their oil) at high temps.

I love ice cream, but I only eat dairy on special occasions cause I know it contributes to allergies, acne, exzema, and colds. That’s not the case for everyone, but I happen to know what foods I’m sensitive to, so I choose to moderate them. Here’s a great sorbet recipe that’ll cure that ice cream craving.

A few frozen bananas
Squeeze of lime or lemon
Optional other frozen fruit (berries, peaches, apricots..)
Opt dash vanilla extract
Opt cold coconut milk (NOT lite canned coconut milk works best)

You could just throw in some frozen bananas into a food processor (or heavy duty blender) and you’d have banana sorbet. But I like to mix a few other things in… lime gives it a little umph, and vanilla extract makes it a little more like ice cream. Just throw your ingredients in the processor, blend until smooth and enjoy right away or store it in the freezer for later. I’d love to hear what combinations you tried, so post them below or on my facebook page!

(photo by jules:stonesoup)