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Detoxing is a word you hear often these days. But what exactly are we referring to when we say detox?

There are so many “cleanses” and “detox programs” that I wanted to get the record straight. A cleanse does not necessarily refer to detoxification. First off, detoxification is something your body is always doing. It is a cellular process of removing toxins, chemicals, free radicals (which are metabolic waste from normal cell functions), etc. And we need nutrients (especially amino acids) in order to do this! More on amino acids in a future post, I promise.

3 Detoxification Myths

  1. Cleansing diets “detox”. Most cleansing diets remove essential nutrients that help your cells and organs detox. You need many different nutrients in order to induce detox reactions. For example, the Master Cleanse- while it may be cleansing to your colon, it is not detoxing, it is not ridding your body of waste material (toxins, chemicals, hormones, etc..)
  2. Vegetarian and vegan diets “detox”. Sorry, but they do not. You need not only minerals, and B vitamins to induce detoxification, but you need many essential amino acids like methionine, glutamine, taurine. These are hard to get from even a vegetarian diet, unless you are eating lots of eggs. Animal products are high in animo acids. You know the big craze about collagen- part of the reason is because it’s packed with amino acids. These nutrients are essential for cellular detoxification, among other things like gut healing.
  3. Colon cleansing is “detoxing”. Colon cleansing definitely has it’s place. It is binding, so after your liver excretes waste products in the bile, your colon eliminates those. If it’s not eliminating properly, you could potentially be reabsorbing those toxins, chemicals, hormones, etc.  Colon cleansing is actually a binding process, not detoxifying process. The toxins get bound and eliminated.

Hope this clears some things up! And if you have any questions or comments, please post below. I am a person on the other side of your computer, and I love to have open dialogue to bring clarity. And hey, maybe there’s something I’m missing that you’d like to share.

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If you care about your health and you’re trying to figure out why you have the health issues you do (including allergies, IBS, eczema, joint pain, fatigue, auto-immune disorders, sinus infections…), then this workshop is for you!

Heal your body with food, movement, and clarity.

October 7th 11am-8pm

Free optional October 8th Breakfast 9am-11am

In this workshop and day retreat, we’ll delve into all things healing for your gut and your body.

Dysbiosis (imbalance) in the gut is related to all forms of dis-ease: hormonal issues, depression, anxiety, auto-immune disorders, low energy, poor sleep, skin issues, the list goes on. In this workshop, we’ll delve into WHY you got where you are, and HOW you can reverse the dis-ease process.

Getaway to recharge, realign with your health goals, tap into your body’s rhythm, and gain the tools to bring you and your family into optimal health.

If you feel sluggish, achy, depressed, anxious, bloated, have brain fog, allergies, IBS, or experience skin irritations, these are all signs of a gut imbalance, and this is the workshop for you!

All happening among the trees, squirrels, birds, deer in the luscious natural surroundings of the hills just 25 mins north of Salt Lake!

What you’ll get:
* A loving atmosphere, surrounded by nature, to receive the nourishment you need
* Cooking demos and recipes that’ll tickle your tastebuds
* Learning how your gut & food affects your energy, sleep, mood, immune system, etc.. and how to reverse disease processes.
* All meals provided! Organic produce, pastured/grass-fed meat, and an emphasis on whole foods that nourish and heal the gut. Vegan/vegetarian options available.
* An opportunity for 1-1 time with me for personalized nutrition
* Space to be heard without judgement
* Movement practices (yes, we’ll do some!) to aid in digestion and stress relief
* Info on supplements to aid in digestion, energy, sleep, and detoxing
* How to tap into your intuition around nourishing food for YOU- one person’s fuel may be another’s poison.

* Bonuses and give-aways along the way!

Eventbrite - Love Your Belly Workshop/Retreat

With health care costs rising, wouldn’t you like to take your health into your own hands? Decrease medications and prevent costly medical bills in the future? Healing yourself with proper fuel and learning great ways to handle stress will give you a great start to achieving these goals!

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your family?

I so look forward to leading you in this healing process, and I promise to create an open space for learning and transformation.

Friend/Partner Discount:
When you and a friend sign up, you each save $40!
Offer expires on 10/2
Workshop limited to 14 people!

Eventbrite - Love Your Belly Workshop/Retreat

Call for questions 801-906-3222.

Investment in Yourself: $197

Investment for both you and a friend/partner: $157 each

Options to stay at the beautiful, affordable B&B- only 5 spaces left.

I so look forward to leading you in this healing process, and I promise to create an open space for learning and transformation.

Contact me for more info  801-906-3222 or follow me on facebook for updates/health tips, or the facebook event.


Leah DelPorto


Updates on the Retreat:

Dinner 10/7 Menu

Trio Soup Tasting:
– Chicken soup/bone broth with fixings of your choice (sauerkraut, miso, lemon, apple cider vinegar, seaweed..)
– Curry winter squash soup (with coconut milk)
– Italian herb veggie soup (with garlic olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon)
… All Dairy and Grain Free

Grain Free Bread
Surprise Dessert

All recipes provided, and you’ll see a demo of one of them! Who’s ready for dinner?!

More about the serene, quaint B&B space, and host Janet…

  • Janet is such a caring, welcoming host. She is a pleasure to talk with, and she makes her home feel like your home!
  • Huge porch with hammock seat/swing, cushioned seating, and table/chair seating
  • Hot tub!
  • Alkalinized water for drinking
  • Large, grassy area for yoga, movement practices, etc. Has another hammock
  • Huge, new trampoline
  • Full kitchen with more tools, pots, pans, etc than you can imagine
  • Clean, welcoming space

We love to say we gain flexibility with stretching, but so many times I hear clients say they are stretching without much change to flexibility and length. There is a great reason for that!

Stretching feels good- it lubricates joints, it gets things moving, it releases stuck fascia (especially if you are doing more active stretching like leg swings or moving from one position to the next repetitively). But studies have shown that in order to lengthen soft tissue (muscle and fascia) by stretching, you’d have to diligently stretch every day for at least a month to feel any change! Unless you happen to be under 10 years old or so- then your tissues might hold the length much easier 🙂

Enter in the amazing foam roller- occasionally I worry this little tool will put me out of business, well, not really, but you get what I mean. Utilize it! A different, new study compares flexibility effects of stretching compared to foam rolling and if either hamper athletic performance when done as a warm-up. The study found that foam rolling by far increased flexibility compared to stretching! And it didn’t hamper athletic performance. This would also confirm how massage (just like foam rolling) helps increase flexibility when done correctly and if that’s the intention. So, a foam roller can be your own personal massage therapist at home.

There are of course areas where that foam roller won’t be able to affect because of positioning, etc.. That’s when you could use some knowledgable hands to guide your tissues to lengthen and release. Seek out a massage therapist that knows their stuff. Working with someone who knows myfascial techniques & trigger point therapy is a good place to start if you want increased flexibility.

And why do you want to be more flexible?! Well, I know some elderly people who cannot reach up to the cupboard because it’s too painful- they have lost their flexibility… and I’m pretty sure you’d prefer full range of motion in your joints– this prevents injuries, keeps you mobile, and as you age you’ll need less help doing the simple things.

So, treat your body well, keep it moving, and add in a foam rolling session. There are a ton of ways to utilize it, and youtube is a great resource if you’re not sure where else to turn.

What has been your experience with stretching and foam rolling? Have you already discovered the difference in your own personal experimentation? Would love to hear your comments below!

With heart,